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The upcoming premiere of the Beauty and the Beast with gorgeous Emma Watson inspired me to watch the old Disney version of the fairy tale for the 100th time and I came to the conclusion that one is never too old to watch Disney. Am I the only one who doesn't mind spending the evening with Belle, Snow White, Cinderella or Aurora? I hope not. Moreover, multiple adaptations or reinterpretations of classic fairy tales like Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, Maleficent or Cinderella (featuring Lily James) prove that there's something enchanting about such stories, that I'm not the only crazy and we all keep coming back to them.

Since it may be a bit difficult to magically relocate to the realm over the hills and far away, we can still incorporate a dreamy dress (a fashion freak is talking). We may not have many occasions to dress up, but once the ball happens, the search for the perfect dress isn't so easy as in the case of Cinderella. I remember when I was looking for my prom dress - to call it a disaster would be an understatement. I felt that when I ask my friend to go with me to one more shop, she would literally kill me. The search ended up successfully, but our friendship was put to the test (#girlsproblems hashtag). It was like ages ago (yes, I'm that old) and on-line shopping wasn't so popular back in those days. Luckily, the era of brick-and-mortar stores monopoly is over and online shopping is a convenient alternative. So if you happen to look for your perfect dress, whether for prom or wedding, you can check out Alessmode. I really liked their selection of wedding dresses, prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses.

I've chosen a few models just to give you the idea of what you can expect entering the site. Pretty dreammy, huh? :)

1. Floral ball gown in lilac | 2. Vintage tea length gown | 3. Spaghetti straps lace dress | 4. Strapless lace green satin dress

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The selection is really impressive, so you can for example look for categories like:

  • Wedding party dresses
  • Formal dresses
  • Homecoming Dresses
  • How do you like the gowns? Let me know in the comments below!

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