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Faux fur


Hello everyone! I wish I could wake up to sunshine like this you can see in the pictures. In such conditions, even the cold is bearable (for reasonable amount of time, of course). Unfortunately, we're not spoiled today by such beautiful weather. Ok, enough about the weather, look at the coat I'm wearing! Few years back, I wouldn't even think about passing by hangers with such outerwear. In my mind, such coats were associated only with Eskimos I read about when I was a child. Not that I have something against Eskimos haha. It's just I didn't consider it to be the most flattering garment. For a trip to the mountains? Maybe. City stroll? No way. But as you know, people change. Now it's rather a synonym of boho aka I-don't-care style. (I don't care that I might look like a polar bear). And I love the crazy fluffy cuffs. Plus, paired with a tartan scarf, this coat looks even better.

And what do you think about this shearling trend? Or about the outfit?

Nie miałabym nic przeciwko, żeby obudziły mnie dziś promienie słońca, jakie widać na zdjęciach. W takich warunkach nawet mróz jest znośny (przej jakiś czas, oczywiście). Niestety, dziś pogoda nas tak nie rozpieszcza. Ale przecież nie o pogodzie dzisiaj. Popatrzcie na mój płaszcz! Kilka lat wcześniej założenie kożucha nie przyszłoby mi nawet do głowy. Kojarzył mi się raczej z Grenlandią i Anarukiem. Nie mam nic przeciwko Anarukowi haha. W dzieciństwie marzyłam o tym, aby z całą klasą popłynąć do niego wielkim statkiem i wytłumaczyć mu, że mydła raczej się nie je (true story). Jednak skojarzenia z Anarukiem nie czyniły z kożucha idealnego stroju na spacery po mieście. Ale ludzie się zmieniają. Dzisiaj, jest to raczej synonim stylu boho (aka I dont't care). Nieważne, że nie jest to może najbardziej wyszczuplające okrycie wierzchnie. Nie będzie również zaskoczeniem, że kożuch bardzo mi się podoba. Uwielbia nawet te futrzane mankiety. Dodatkowo, połączony z szalikiem w kratę wygląda tylko lepiej.

A jak wam się podoba kożuchowy trend?

Photos / zdjęcia: Ania

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shearling coat and tartan scarf
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blogger wearing Makalu California black boots

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Dreamy dresses


The upcoming premiere of the Beauty and the Beast with gorgeous Emma Watson inspired me to watch the old Disney version of the fairy tale for the 100th time and I came to the conclusion that one is never too old to watch Disney. Am I the only one who doesn't mind spending the evening with Belle, Snow White, Cinderella or Aurora? I hope not. Moreover, multiple adaptations or reinterpretations of classic fairy tales like Snow White and the Huntsman, Mirror Mirror, Maleficent or Cinderella (featuring Lily James) prove that there's something enchanting about such stories, that I'm not the only crazy and we all keep coming back to them.

Since it may be a bit difficult to magically relocate to the realm over the hills and far away, we can still incorporate a dreamy dress (a fashion freak is talking). We may not have many occasions to dress up, but once the ball happens, the search for the perfect dress isn't so easy as in the case of Cinderella. I remember when I was looking for my prom dress - to call it a disaster would be an understatement. I felt that when I ask my friend to go with me to one more shop, she would literally kill me. The search ended up successfully, but our friendship was put to the test (#girlsproblems hashtag). It was like ages ago (yes, I'm that old) and on-line shopping wasn't so popular back in those days. Luckily, the era of brick-and-mortar stores monopoly is over and online shopping is a convenient alternative. So if you happen to look for your perfect dress, whether for prom or wedding, you can check out Alessmode. I really liked their selection of wedding dresses, prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses.

I've chosen a few models just to give you the idea of what you can expect entering the site. Pretty dreammy, huh? :)

1. Floral ball gown in lilac | 2. Vintage tea length gown | 3. Spaghetti straps lace dress | 4. Strapless lace green satin dress

alessmode dresses blogpost, blogger

The selection is really impressive, so you can for example look for categories like:

  • Wedding party dresses
  • Formal dresses
  • Homecoming Dresses
  • How do you like the gowns? Let me know in the comments below!

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    3 romantic movies to watch on Valentine's Day (even if you think you hate romantic movies)


    Hello everyone! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I thought the occasion was worth mentioning. Since a good movie (or chocolate) is appropriate for any occasion, it will do for a Valentine's Day as well. And if it happens to be a quiet night in for you, a proper movie is a must! There are plenty of choices out there, but I thought something smart, funny, charming as well as something different from what we see as the epitome of romantic comedy, is the best option to go for. No freezing DiCaprios on a floating door or two dead juvenile lovers allowed! Very agreeable alternatives to the new part of Christian's and Anastasia's adventures, I believe.

    romantic movies to watch on Valentine's Day, what to watch on Valentine's Day, Down with Love, Silver Linings Playbook, Something's Gotta Give, quick review, Poradnik pozytywnego myślenia, Do diabła z miłością, Lepiej późno niż później, komedie romantyczne na Walentynki, co obejrzeć w Walentynki, mądre komedie romantyczne
  • Silver Linings Playbook / Poradnik pozytywnego myślenia
  • It is not a typical girl meets boy kind of story. She is crazy, he is crazy. But also those around who aren't diagnosed with any mental disorders doesn't seem very normal either. Small talks about Xanax and Effexor, fight over Hemingway's book in the middle of the night or jogging in a rubbish bag may not be the telltale signs of a love story. But after all - it's silver linings playbook and you can feel the love in the air! And one more thing. This movie is rather on the artistic side, so if you prefer action movies, you may be disappointed.

  • Down with Love / Do diabła z miłością
  • The title of the movie doesn't suggest any romantic vibes and neither the beginning of the story. She is a feminist advice author. He is an arrogant journalist and a womanizer. She comes to the Big Apple to promote her book "Down with Love" convincing women they don't need men to be happy and love is only a burden. He tries to seduce her, and thus discredit her theories. All in the sweet atmosphere of the 60s; so do not omit to notice those 60s style suits, dresses, elaborate hats, sunglasses and fluffy feather slippers (sic!). Add to that stunning Renée Zellweger and beyond charming Ewan McGregor and you've got the recipe for a perfect evening.

  • Something's Gotta Give / Lepiej późno niż później
  • It's not very often we happen to see aging couples in Hollywood as the main characters in this type of movie. Yet, the story of 50-something playwright Erica Barry and 63 year-old professional bachelor Harry Sanborn is not only smart and savvy but also really entertaining. Peals of laughter guaranteed! Besides, we've got Diane Keaton paired with Jack Nicholson so that's also a good omen. Harry - the over-aged notorious womanizer, dates only young women, until he meets a mother of one of them - Erica. To put it mildly, they don't really like each at the beginning, but to find out how the story continues, you gotta watch the movie. :) Heartily recommend!

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    Helloooo everyone! I know I was absent for about a year here and I really have no idea how to start this post. I've been wanting to make a come back for so many times, yet there was always something to intervene. So, I decided that the best way to re-launch this blog is to jump in the deep water (for me veeeery deep) and actually show myself to you. The day I planned the shooting for, the weather was terrible - it was gloomy and freezing cold and the snow was snowing like crazy. Therefore, I wanted to gave it a miss one more time. But somehow, I left the house all dressed up in a nice (and not-so-warm) coat and thousand of layers underneath the turtleneck sweater. Luckily warm boots, scarf and hat were pretty helpful. For the time of shooting, the sky brightened up and the snow that seemed so terrifying, created a bit magical effect. And, you know what, despite the frozen nose, I'm happy with the results and the fact that I finally decided to pursue my ideas. So, btw, how do you like the outfit? :)

    Witam wszystkich!! Wiem, że dawno mnie tu nie było i po raz kolejny nie mam pojęcia, jak zacząć post po tak długiej przerwie. Powrócić tutaj chciałam niejednokrotnie, ale zawsze coś stało na przeszkodzie. Jednak posiadanie własnego kawałka sieci jest tak kuszące, że wracam tutaj po raz kolejny. Natomiast tym razem postanowiłam, że będzie to miało sens tylko i wyłącznie, jeśli skoczę na głęboką wodę i w końcu wam się pokarzę. W dniu na który zaplanowałam zdjęcia, wszystko zmówiło się przeciwko mnie - nastrój miałam podły, za oknem było szaro i ponuro, a syberyjskim mrozom towarzyszyły tabuny śniegu. Jakimś jednak cudem wygramoliłam się z domu, wystrojona w piękny (i nie najgrubszy) płaszczyk i milion warstw podkoszulek pod golfem, by spróbować zrobić kilka zdjęć i przy okazji nie zamarznąć. Na szczęście ciepłe buty, szalik i czapka ratowały sytuację. Na czas zdjęć słońce wyjrzało, a ten straszny śnieg dodał trochę magicznego klimatu. Szczerze powiedziawszy, jestem całkiem zadowolona z rezultatów i mimo odmrożonego nosa, eskapadę na miasto z aparatem uważam za udaną. I tak już tylko przy okazji, co sądzicie o stroju? :)

    Coat / płaszcz: Zara | hat / czapka: Sinsay | scarf /szalik : Sinsay | jeans / dżinsy: Mango | boots / buty: Timberland

    Photos by Ania

    płaszcz Zara, czarne Timberlandy, black Timnerland boots, sinsay beanie, szalik z z sinsay, jeansy mango
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