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That hat


My wish list is a never-ending story. Once I get something I wanted (or simply forget about what I wanted - budget friendly option), I find new fancy things to crave for. I do try to be reasonable, but you know - fashion and common sense are not really on the same side of the force. So, to the point, right now I truly believe that fedora hat is something I really need. Well, I bet I'd feel a bit intimidated to wear it, but it's such a chic way to protect the head from upcoming spring winds, right? I'm counting on chain stores new collections, but in the meanwhile I peek at the perfect model from Rag & Bone.

Fedora: Rag & Bone

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Shoe love


Finding the perfect shoes when your size is sold out - priceless. I mean, look at this pair! They look like found on net-a-porter, just the price is acceptable. A bit androgynous, but I think they're simply classy. Anyway, those beauties plus simple, white dress and bright red lips seem way more feminine and, I don't like this word, but fine, sexier than any flowery print EVER, I think.

Znalezienie idealnych butów, gdy twój rozmiar jest już wyprzedany - bezcenne. Popatrzcie tylko na nie! Wyglądają jak znalezione na net-a-porter, tylko cena jest do przełknięcia. Może i przypominają trochę te z działu męskiego, ale noszone z prostą, białą sukienką i mocnymi czerwonymi ustami wydają się sto razy bardziej kobiece niż jakikolwiek kwiatowy print.

Slip-ons: Zign

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Dakota Johnson


The highly anticipated film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey is about to come to cinemas. So chances are, unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about Dakota Johnson. I don't want to share my opinion about the book. I just wanted to say I love this young starlet's style. Whether caught by paparazzi or on the red carpet, this girl rocks. If I had to choose the Golden Globe Best dressed, I guess I'd go for her Chanel whimsical, metallic look (ok, Emma Stone and Lupita Nyong'o also looked insane). But for me, her casual sartorial choices are even more exciting as I can easily incorporate some of her ideas, unlike Chanel Haute Couture. The outfit with lace-up ballerinas is my very favourite one! And what do you think about her style?

Well, this text sounds pretty emotional, but it's just fashion I'm so excited about! :)