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Coolest sneakers in town.

Despite my love for elegant footwear, Oxford shoes are my must-haves, a pair of sneakers is desired in any closet. I know, winter is coming, so writing about boots would be more proper, however this model goes round and round in my head. Nike Air Max or New Balance are cool but THIS pair of Vans is just pure old school! Besides, the choice is not so obvious, so all hipsters would be fulfilled, I guess.

Vans, old school shoes

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Suede dress


Who doesn't love basics with an edge! Actually, that's my favourite category of clothes and I wouldn't mind having this oh-so-awesome black, suede dress in my closet. Besides, one gives endless possibilities of styling. I'm sure it would look great paired with classic slip-ons, strappy sandals or even biker leather boots. And what about suede on suede for 'modern boho' (not sure whether such term even exists) look? This is what I would like to try first. Not only because I have suitable boots.

Mango suede dress

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Handbag & scarf.

Scarf saga continues. What do you think about scarf banded on a handbag? How sassy and chic it is, don't you think? Just add a little black or white dress and pearls. Et voila! Classic style perfected.

Chanel vintage scarf and Decadent bag

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Paisley bandana.

I don't know about you, but when I was a child I had so many different colour options of a paisley print bandana my mom wrapped around my head so as to protect me from the sunlight. I remember red one was my favourite. So coming upon this little beautiful scarf from Mulberry, apart from making me so sentimental not to mention the fact that now I want this silk scarf so so badly, made me want to find my old good friends from childhood, and whether they are wearable or not, give them a go. Nevertheless, not on my head.

Mulberry, Mini Paisley Print Bandana

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