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Chain store chic.

I've been telling I'm such a terrible snob sooo many times that (for a change) I selected some clothes that are more budged-friendy and equally chic (I hope) as those infernally expensive garments. Anything I love (neutral colours, clean cuts, leopard prints, leather skirts, blue shirts, bla bla...) you'll find below. Perhaps chain stores doesn't always provide the best quality, however small selection isn't their drawback.

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white and leather.

leather skirt.

white shirt.

New in.

My little beautiful order has arrived! Can't wait to wear my (sadly, fake) pearls with little black dress and red lips. However, I'm pretty sure those earrings would add a desired French accent to any ensemble. Cause devil is in the details, isn't it?

Earrings: House of Mima

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Mise en Dior.

I know that the whole blogosphere and all stars are crazy about those earring for a while now, so this post isn't really up to date, so what! Those earring is just something that you (ok, me) could look at all day and wouldn't get bored (hungry, thirsty, ect...). And as much as I do not like exaggerating (cf. previous sentence), I DO adore (j'adore) those little Dior pearls. Actually, thanks to Dior, I fell in love with pearls and gold combo. Already ordered far more budget-friendly lookalike. Can't wait for the courier!!


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Bomber found.

Remember when I was writing about perfect bomber jacket? I guess I found one. It is olive green (as it should) and has no unnecessary embellishment (little pocket on the sleeve is acceptable, it actually add a desirable masculine vibe). I already fell in love with it when Zara released their April lookbook but it was not available then. Now that it is, it turned out o be beyond reach. I expected Zara to be more budged-friendly. How disappointed I was, when I saw price tag. Thanks a lot Zara!

Bomber jacket: Zara

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It's not a surprise that upcoming summer naturally turns us to white. I am really into this colour as it's so classy and chic. I love it on the photos, I love it on others, but anytime I decide to wear a white garment I feel like my enseble is too striking and usually go for something... less striking (yep, I do have a talent for writing), which is a pity, I know. That's why I'm fighting this BAD habit! I even wore white trousers today (there's also white dress and a skirt queuing for a year..., I'm a fighter!). So, to bring my teraphy on, I decidet to make this post and gather all the white beauties from around the Internet in one place. Shall we begin?

Charlie May 1 | 2 

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Givenchy love.

If someone asked me which fashion brand is my very favourite, one I guess my answer would be... (drumroll please) Givenchy. I found it out once again while scanning net-a-porter (just to scan, not to buy anything!). Who doesn't love to watch splendid and inaccessible products, I'm not the only one, right? So, like I said, I was pleasantly watching sandals when I noticed that each pair that captured my attention was Givenchy's creation. Such a big deal - I immediately had to write about it!

Check out those beauties that made me write this post.

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Perfect jeans.

This is how perfect pair of jeans should look like! Straight leg, light blue colour, a bit vintage styled. I'll definitely (!) have a photo of those beauties while looking for something look-alike (great heavens, I'm such a snob).
PS. Don't I use word 'perfect' in every post?

Znalazłam idealne dżinsy! Proste nogawki, jasnoniebieskie, trochę w stylu vintage. Z pewnością (!) będę miała ich zdjęcie ze sobą, gdy będę szukać czegoś podobnego w przystępnej cenie (wielkie nieba, straszna ze mnie snobka).

Acne Studios jeans via

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