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Mesmeric geometrics

Math is beautiful, right? So are geometrics! Mesmeric, enchanting and chic! Maybe not to such an extent as the Queen of the Sciences, but still I'm dazzled. I'm pretty sure pictures below undeniably prove I'm right!

Matematyka jest piękna! Piękne więc muszą być też geometryczne desenie. Magnetyczne, czarujące i olśniewające! Może nie aż tak wspaniałe, jak królowa nauka, ale spójrzcie tylko na zdjęcia poniżej. Prawda, że mam rację? 

And again PINK!

I love bright interiors decorated with vibrant colours. My very favourite is pink (I even mentioned that already - here)! And thanks to my pink obsession I lighted on COCOA & HEARTS website, where you can find wonderful artworks by Jen Ramos which are my current obsession occupying my mind mercilessly. How do you like them?

Uwielbiam jasne wnętrza z akcentami intensywnych, wręcz jaskrawych kolorów. Najbardziej upodobałam sobie nie wiedzieć czemu kolor różowy (uczucie to jest tak silne, że wspominam już o tym drugi raz), dlatego za każdym razem, gdy przeglądam w sieci zdjęcia wnętrz, dziwnym trafem moje oczy kierują się w stronę obrazków z różem nie tylko w tle. Rozradowałam się więc wielce, gdy natrafiłam na stronę COCOA & HEARTS, na której znaleźć można piękne obrazy autorstwa Jen Ramos, które idealnie pasowałyby do mojego wyimaginowanego, idealnego mieszkania.

A Fine Frenzy

There are moments in your life when your favourites trousers rip when you bend down, beloved pink mouse breaks down or you somehow manage to break your keys in the lock. All in one week. Moreover, you desperately need more sleep and you know you can't have a 2 p.m. wake-up. What can you do then? My advice (oh, I'm a great advisor!) is to listen to super sad, melancholic songs and... yeah, that's it. I suggest A Fine Frenzy!

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Stella McCartney dress

When I was setting this blog I didn't mean to post Polyvore sets here as it seems a bit childish (running this site I consider tolerably childish), but this time I couldn't resist. Sweet jewelled pink dress with studded bracelet and flats sounds like a perfect combination. Seems like it does not matches at all. But mixing and matching - isn't it the best thing about fashion?
Stella McCartney dress.

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Picture of the day

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2014. What can I say? Elegance, feminity, chic, pure perfection. Work of art. I am deeply in love with this picture as well as with this dress. I have no idea where you can buy it and don't want to know for how much. You can rave over the full collection here.

Roksanda Ilincic Resort 2014. Cóż mogę powiedzieć? Elegancja, kobiecość, szyk, czysta perfekcja. Dzieło sztuki. Zauroczona jestem i sukienką i zdjęciem. Nie wiem gdzie ją można kupić i nawet nie chcę wiedzieć za ile. Całą kolekcję możecie podziwiać tutaj.

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I'm sure each of us has a piece of clothing that we like a lot. In my case it's quite a long list of garments and sweatshirt ranks high there. I do believe it has countless virtues! And most significant one (in my opinion) is that when you happen to wake up a bit later than you planned, sweatshirt is there for you to create fast, effortless look as it doesn't require much ironing (or none) and looks fashionable paired with almost anything.

Currently I'm insanely wearing sweatshirts not only because of weather conditions, reluctance to iron and the dislike of alarm clock. Worn with white or blue shirt sweatshirt makes nonchalant and chic outfit. And not only with shirt. You need proof? Just look at those photos!

Arcade Fire

I've got very, very busy time at my university right now and I constantly study (not like constantly, constantly, but quite constantly) because of exams that are just about to come. The worst period during the semester and so on. Unfortunately, there are soo many things lurking to distract me from diligent work. And Arcade Fire is probably the worst of them (right next to this blog). Their songs are super-melodramatic, super-catchy and generally super.

Here are some of the most distracting songs (under normal circumstances some of my favourites). Going back to study. Right after listening to them.

And perhaps the one I like the most:

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I fell in love. Some time ago. I couldn't do anything about that. But those colours... I mean, just look at this painting. "Puzzled" by Patricia Derks reminds me of Twiggy and I'm sure it would be a perfect match for my imaginary future house. I can see with eyes of my imagination - white walls, fair wooden floor and sofa (colour isn't fixed yet) and this painting on the wall of course. A girl can dream.

An original work of art was already sold out. It would be a bit (only a little bit) naive to think that it would wait at least 10 years for me to start earning some real money. I know, such a sad story.. But prints are still available!

For now, I'm going to stare at this work of art on my screen for a while (i.e. hour or two).

Painting: "Puzzled" by Patricia Derks,

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Clover Canyon Pre-Fall 2014

After Dolce and Gabbana's Fall/Winter 2013/14 Byzantine splendour looks like it's time for Ancient Greek by Clover Canyon. The latter, not dripping with gold is less bold version of fashion's flirt with history. Ancient art in collaboration with modern design gives noteworthy results. My restrained taste forces me to choose a softer Greek option. However, it does not mean it's austere one. Antique harmony and proportion is visible in cut rather than colours and patterns which were substantially modernized (some sculptures look like taken straight from the comic books). In this way we have interesting, eye-catching clothes not only for history enthusiasts! And I can't take my eyes off this first dress and that jacket in the second photo and... Oh, that would be a long list.

Clover Canyon's Pre-Fall 2014 Collection, straight off the runway, available (theoretically for everyone) on Moda Operandi.

Photos: Moda Operandi.

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2013 top product

After seeing this sweatshirt my heart was broken (I still can't get over...) and when I thought of top product of 2013 I was absolutely and undoubtedly sure what my choice would be. Riccardo Tisci once again proved he can keep us enchanted. The Bambi Sweatshirt is the best example. There is something disturbing and mesmeric about it that you (or at least me) can't resist.

PS. Good news! It's now on sale here - "only" $829!


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Happy New Year 2014!

In this New Year 2014 I wish you (I hope there is any "you" reading this) all the best. May your work be fulfilling and rewarding. Keep trying deserve a success and don't give up on dreaming and working. Make this year memorable and awesome!

 As an eye-catching attachment  (who does read blogs) something PINK.

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