3 romantic movies to watch on Valentine's Day (even if you think you hate romantic movies)


Hello everyone! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I thought the occasion was worth mentioning. Since a good movie (or chocolate) is appropriate for any occasion, it will do for a Valentine's Day as well. And if it happens to be a quiet night in for you, a proper movie is a must! There are plenty of choices out there, but I thought something smart, funny, charming as well as something different from what we see as the epitome of romantic comedy, is the best option to go for. No freezing DiCaprios on a floating door or two dead juvenile lovers allowed! Very agreeable alternatives to the new part of Christian's and Anastasia's adventures, I believe.

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  • Silver Linings Playbook / Poradnik pozytywnego myślenia
  • It is not a typical girl meets boy kind of story. She is crazy, he is crazy. But also those around who aren't diagnosed with any mental disorders doesn't seem very normal either. Small talks about Xanax and Effexor, fight over Hemingway's book in the middle of the night or jogging in a rubbish bag may not be the telltale signs of a love story. But after all - it's silver linings playbook and you can feel the love in the air! And one more thing. This movie is rather on the artistic side, so if you prefer action movies, you may be disappointed.

  • Down with Love / Do diabła z miłością
  • The title of the movie doesn't suggest any romantic vibes and neither the beginning of the story. She is a feminist advice author. He is an arrogant journalist and a womanizer. She comes to the Big Apple to promote her book "Down with Love" convincing women they don't need men to be happy and love is only a burden. He tries to seduce her, and thus discredit her theories. All in the sweet atmosphere of the 60s; so do not omit to notice those 60s style suits, dresses, elaborate hats, sunglasses and fluffy feather slippers (sic!). Add to that stunning Renée Zellweger and beyond charming Ewan McGregor and you've got the recipe for a perfect evening.

  • Something's Gotta Give / Lepiej późno niż później
  • It's not very often we happen to see aging couples in Hollywood as the main characters in this type of movie. Yet, the story of 50-something playwright Erica Barry and 63 year-old professional bachelor Harry Sanborn is not only smart and savvy but also really entertaining. Peals of laughter guaranteed! Besides, we've got Diane Keaton paired with Jack Nicholson so that's also a good omen. Harry - the over-aged notorious womanizer, dates only young women, until he meets a mother of one of them - Erica. To put it mildly, they don't really like each at the beginning, but to find out how the story continues, you gotta watch the movie. :) Heartily recommend!

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