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Winter essentials


I'm so systematic in writing that I've smoothly gone from a post about autumn favourites to winter essentials. Not something to be proud of, but studying for two degrees simultaneously and writing a thesis turned out to be pretty time consuming (who would have thought, eh?). Anyways, winter is just another awesome season for a fashion freak. Furs, overknee, preferably suede boots or turtlenecks, just to name a few, are the reasons why I love winter. Especially the kind of winter we have right now in Poland - no snow and not so frosty temperatures. Sorry, snowman lovers - but I'd rather have my suede shoes clean.

For such a great winter conditions, here is my dreamy set consisting of a few of winter essentials. First one is this crazy, bohemian fur from Mango - unquestioned protagonist of the look. Big love, only platonic. Unfortunately, I find myself looking ridiculous wearing it - too short legs, too many kilos. But if you happen to be a long-legged slender gal - go for it! (No worries, I have a classic version in my wardrobe). Then, there are overknee boots - major crush for the second winter in a row - you gotta admit they're beyond beautiful (it's #shoeaholic talking)! Turtleneck - ain't no winter without one for me. Bucket bag and a skater skirt are also self-explanatory elements for all sartorially savvy women out there!

And what are your winter essentials?

Winter essentials

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