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Peep toe heels


Remember the era of peep toe heels few years back? Not so hot anymore. Strappy sandals and pointed heels are those you can spot on almost every red carpet (feminine) foot. As a shoe lover, I adore those types as well. However, now I'm really into peep toe heel. Maybe it's an inner hipster or maybe it's Julia Roberts' Emmy look (congrats on good reflex). I don't care, I need a pair of open toe heels! Those in the picture are not perfect - the heel is dangerous and they're not leather, but I like this wide front cut. So keep looking. Any suggestions are welcome.

Pamiętacie erę butów z odkrytym palcem? Teraz nie są już tak popularne. To sandały i czółenka w szpic można dostrzec na czerwonym dywanie najczęściej. Jako miłośniczka butów skłamałabym, mówiąc, że takich nie uwielbiam. Jednak to te z odkrytym palcem teraz zajmują moje myśli (#temyśli). Może to podszepty wewnętrznego hipstera, albo strój Juli Roberts na rozdaniu nagród Emmy (gratulacje za refleks). Nieważne. Potrzebuję butów z odkrytym palcem! Te ze zdjęcia nie są ideale. Nie są skórzane, plus zabójcza wysokość obcasa dyskwalifikują je. Jednak bardzo podoba mi się duże wycięcie z przodu. Tak więc poszukiwania trwają. Coś polecacie?

Heels: Zara

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Men's department


I find it very frustrating, that when you enter the men's department in most of clothing chain stores, you can find perfect basic items in calm, neutral colours, designed with simplicity and versatility in mind. While section for ladies is overwhelmed with butterflies, flowers, hearts, and similar prints, commonly with that "try-too-hard" attitude. Perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but you ladies have to admit, that finding basics of a good fit and quality doesn't happen often.

And if the solution is right around the corner... of the men's department, why not to take advantage of essentials heaven. Even if it feels slightly insecure lurking in the men's fitting room, I'm telling you, it's definitely worthwhile. And one more thing about choosing men's pieces. To maintain the balance, don't forget to incorporate some feminine elements, like bright red lips, curls or stilettos. The look can't get any cooler, can it?

So what is worth stealing from boys' wardrobe? Here are my choices.

striped shirt: Massimo Dutti | sunglasses: Asos | blue shirt: Cos | t-shirts: H&M (1, 2, 3) | scarf: Asos | belt: Zara

  • T-shirts.
  • When it comes to t-shirts, I'm a really picky person. I don't like those tight, snug tees with super uncomfortable, too short sleeves - nightmare! Seems like all boys hate them either, since you can't find ones in the men's department. Instead, wide selection of comfy pieces appropriate for casual as well as evening purposes when accessorized the right way. And don't forget the bonus points for a bit oversized, nonchalant vibe!

  • Shirts.
  • How I love shirts! Blue and white ones especially. Despite the fact that they're very versatile and easily can be dressed up or down, they are super comfortable. The only drawback is that they need to be very well ironed, so as to look decent, I suppose. And the quality is not negligible as well. I have my perfect white and blue shirts from George (via second hand shop, obviously) and they are dedicate for 13-15 years old boys, true story. While searching in the department for grown-up people, I'd just suggest avoiding those with 'slim fit' tag, as they aren't women's shapes best friends.

  • Sweaters
  • Never ever omit male's knitwear section. It's a go-to place for basic round-neck sweater or comfy chunky knit. And if one smells your boyfriend's perfumes mixed with a hint of your flowery scent... I mean, need I say more?

  • Accessories
  • If you're not sure about all that male clothing in your wardrobe, how about trying some accessories? Sunglasses, belts, scarves - little accents, but can change the outfit significantly and a let some fresh into a too polished look.

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    It was a wildly long time since I last posted, but no, I haven't given up on blogging yet. Things got really busy, but you have no idea how happy I am, having time to write new posts, scan Pinterest and other time consumers (it is not an exaggeration to say I know Zara sale section by heart). So while I'm still happily rested and full of naive enthusiasm, I decided to make some reasonable New Year's resolutions. I'd better write them down.

  • Do more of what makes you happy
  • Above-mentioned Pinterest and its life-changing mottos had something to do with this resolution! Reading more books, watching better movies, cooking more ambitious meals than scrambled eggs would be just fine. It's the small things that make us happy! My prescription is: at least one good movie and three homemade dinners a week, one book a month. And the world becomes brighter :).

  • DSLR camera
  • I gotta get one before I die of jealousy watching all those fancy blog posts containing great photos. Not saying that buying a camera will make me an excellent photographer, but i have to start somewhere. Nevertheless, the choice is really difficult, as you don't buy such equipment everyday and the selection is so huge. Any suggestion?

  • New healthy me
  • I'm not 17 anymore and I feel like my metabolism sucks. Maybe two meals a day and sedentary lifestyle have something to do with this... I need to find it out and change some habits. Healthy diet, drinking a lot of water, regular meals and short exercises at least three times a week, going to bed earlier, among billion other recommendations, should give outstanding results. This one doesn't sound surrealistic at all...

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