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Stick to classic.

How boring am I, talking about my fascination with classic style, again. I sometimes do have moments of doubt, especially while exploring Olivia Palermo's or Taylor Tomasi Hill's crazy, colourful style. But you know what, then I spot such photos, and I'm convinced. Basics are my 'thing'. And they don't have to be boring! Just look at Emma. Everything seems so neutral in this look, yet with those subtle accents going on, changing the whole story, like delicate plaid or super cool mules. Hasn't she just perfected the art of looking basic but not boring?


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4 komentarze on "Stick to classic."
  1. I have the same - and feel like two souls fighting in me - one love minimalism and simplicity. Second want to wear all possible colors, fabrics, be half naked and half dressed. You know what I mean? That's why I have such a mess in my wardrobe ;/

    1. My wardrobe is also a mess :) But I'm trying to cut down on buying colourful, printed clothes that usually end up worn once or twice at most.

  2. Love this style!

  3. I love Emma's outfit and her style. She's wonderful.