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Gift ideas - splurge.


Frozen limbs and nose, boots soaked in melting snow and and late buses indisputably betoken that the winter has come earlier this year, I'm afraid. I'm not from House Stark and wasn't really ready, so don't blame for my pessimism. Fine, snowflakes and frost marks on window panes are sweet and charming, but only when you can just sit at home, decorate a Christmas tree and bake ginger cakes! Continuing my doomy dilatation, when times of making a snowman and building an igloo are behind me, the only perk of winter are Christmas. And presents!! So if my wallet would be ready for splurge, here would be my choices.

PS. Budget ideas soon!

Byredo Perfumes, Blanche | Daniell Wellington watch | Ileana Makri gold diamond hoop earrings | Prada wallet | Burberry cashmere scarf

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2 komentarze on "Gift ideas - splurge."
  1. I definitely wouldn't mind receiving this beautiful Prada wallet

    1. Oh, me too :) But Byredo perfumes are on top of my wishlist.