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White ripped jeans.

Autumn is just around the corner! It's not a ground-breaking news, I know, but I had to use that exclamation mark, to note that it's happening, although looking out of the window exclaim way better. Hence, the wardrobe transition into fall is inevitable. I can't say I'm specifically happy about saying goodbye to sheer dresses, shorts and sandals. However, not all summer clothes should be already laying on a bottom of a drawer, waiting for next summer to come. Just look at this amazing, a bit oversized, nonchalant pair of white ripped jeans. Don't you think they would look super cool paired not only with strappy sandals but also with black boots? Although white isn't the most obvious colour choice for autumn, don't hesitate to give it a go not only during summer.

Mango ripped jeans. Now on sale!

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2 komentarze on "White ripped jeans."
  1. love!

  2. Love this transitional piece!

    Heidi D.