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The 'it' boots.

I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that positively, Acne Jensen black boots have become the shoes of the season. It's just another proof that classic with some kind of subtle uniqueness can make all fashionistas feel dizzy with delight. The fact that they're already sold out in an online Acne shop (the black version), despite the price tag of 440 Euro, confirms the phenomenon. In case you were also in love, Zara alternative seems very agreeable!

Nie przesadzę chyba stwierdzeniem, że czarne sztyblety Acne 'Jensen' bez wątpienia stały się butami sezonu. Kolejny świetny dowód na to, że kreatywnie przedefiniowana klasyka może okazać się kluczem do sukcesu. Fakt, że buty Acne są już wyprzedane w sklepie internetowym, tylko potwierdza ich fenomen. Jeśli również doznałyście zawrotów głowy z ich powodu, Zara kusi bardzo miłą alternatywą!

Zara leather boots

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Blue shirt.

Blue shirt is typically associated with an office style, great combo with a pencil skirt and pointed pumps for a feminine finish. I'd preferably go for unbuttoned one more button, rolled sleeves and cigarette jeans nonchalant style. But don't you think that the possibilities of styling this garment end here! This indispensable working wardrobe classic, creatively reinterpreted can result in a stunning to the sartorial eye effect. Yes, I know that the skirt in the photo below is nothing but pure delight (oh that sheer!), however paired with most classic blue shirt model creates a perfectly balanced ensemble. Just the right amount of feminine and boyfriend-borrowed elements for a truly polished look. I'm in love!

Michael Kors Spring 2015 RTW, source: Vogue

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White ripped jeans.

Autumn is just around the corner! It's not a ground-breaking news, I know, but I had to use that exclamation mark, to note that it's happening, although looking out of the window exclaim way better. Hence, the wardrobe transition into fall is inevitable. I can't say I'm specifically happy about saying goodbye to sheer dresses, shorts and sandals. However, not all summer clothes should be already laying on a bottom of a drawer, waiting for next summer to come. Just look at this amazing, a bit oversized, nonchalant pair of white ripped jeans. Don't you think they would look super cool paired not only with strappy sandals but also with black boots? Although white isn't the most obvious colour choice for autumn, don't hesitate to give it a go not only during summer.

Mango ripped jeans. Now on sale!

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Hello, yellow!


Clutch, Zara

Rumour has it that the hottest colour of the season is going to be yellow (Olivia Palermo confirmed sporting a yellow sleeveless blazer!). Although some time ago I was in a desperate need of that Kristen Stewart's Dior bold, yellow dress, preferably with to-die-for geometric shoes, things have changed and now I find it difficult to picture myself in an yellow ensemble (my feelings for those shoes hasn't changed though). Accessories however, that is another story. I'm talking specifically about the cluth. Yellow clutch, my dear, - I want you! And Zara meets the needs of every fashion freak.

Wieść niesie, że najgorętszym kolorem sezonu będzie żółty (Olivia Palermo i jej żółty blezer potwierdzają!). Mimo że jeszcze nie tak dawno szalałam na punkcie jaskrawozółtej sukienki Kristen Stewart (nie wspominając już o butach z geometrycznym wzorem, które ciągle pragnę jej ukraść), to jednak od tego czasu wiele się zmieniło i teraz nie wyobrażam sobie siebie w tak krzykliwym kolorze. Jednak akcesoria to już inna bajka. Żółta torebka to idealny kompromis między szaleństwem koloru i praktycznością.

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5 items to splurge on.


It's about the design, the quality or simply the label? What makes all fashion freaks from around the world bright-eyed and tingle with excitement? Sorry, there isn't only one answer to that question.

You know how one luxury piece can change the story, right? For some of us (read: for me) even a little, well-judged collection of designer clothes and accesaories may ruin the budget but, hey, what do we live for, or something... Hence, I want to present you my strictly selected (!) list of desired, devilishly expensive items I'd buy first, if I won the lottery or I would be willing to save up for.

5 items to splurge on.

  • Prada pointed heels
  • If I had to choose only one thing from my list, I'd undoubtedly opt for Prada pointy heels. I don't think there's any simpler way to transform an average ensemble into a sexy-yet-sophisticated one than by slipping into subtle, quality, well-made pair of shoes. Height of heel scares me, but what is not done for fashion purposes.

  • It bag
  • Please forgive me Chanel Classic Flap Bag, Givenchy Antigona or Celine Trapeze bag but if I had to choose 'the one' I'd go for Decadent bag I saw on Its minimalism and timelessness stole my heart. Besides, each time I see Sara sporting that bag, I feel more convinced.

  • Acne leather jacket
  • Preferably this one would be the first to buy if only I could magically reduce its price twice (or five times). As a devoted (yet platonic) Acne Studios fan, I couldn't choose any other brand though All Saints, Saint Laurent or Givenchy have great options.

  • Burberry trench coat
  • Not only this iconic coat will serve you forever, but it's also a closet staple that will make you grin each time you wear it (or cause an anxiety of wearing €1,500, I'm just thinking out loud). In any case, you're not in danger of being overlooked by street style photographers e.g. during fashion weeks.

  • Denim
  • When it comes to jeans, I think a quality, well-fitting pair can be a savior. I especially like black skinny jeans, but Acne Studios 'Pop' in vintage blue hue are those I just had to put on that list. White and black are also great, but you know that too much love will kill you. Awesome cut, classic vintage wash, what's not to like? Maybe the price, but let's skip this point.

    They are way more pieces I wanted to put on that list, but had to stop my extravagance, who knows where it can lead us! Just to sum up, using your brain is usually beneficial, so, unless you're Rockefeller's (or Hilton's) daughter, stick to the rule so as to spend your hard-earned money responsible, clothes are not most important (cliché, I know). Calculating cost per wear may be helpful. Thus, quality, designer goodies may turn out to be reasonable investments.

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