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Beauty list #1


Lately, I've been watching beauty vlogs like crazy, so, obviously, a list of products I desperately need grew. While selecting those I want to give a try, I tried to choose ones that are quite budget-friendly, yet of a good quality. It seems like an impossible compromise. Let's find out! One more thing, some of those products are from Polish companies, however, most of them deliver abroad.

Po tygodniowym maratonie z vlogami urodowymi, lista kosmetyków, których niezbędnie potrzebuję rozrosła się okropnie. Żeby jednak nie popaść w szał zakupów i doszczętnie nie zrujnować budżetu na ten miesiąc, wybrałam tylko te naj naj naj potrzebniejsze. Ok, może pędzel do różu nie jest aż tak niezbędny, ale we wszystkim trzeba zachować umiar! Nie są to produkty za kilka groszy, jednak biorąc pod uwagę stosunek ceny do jakości, mam nadzieję, że wypadają one korzystnie.

Budget beauty list.

  • Soothing foam face and eye cleansing, Pharmaceris PL | ENG
  • If you've got, like me, sensitive skin with redness, you should use very delicate cleansers, that doesn't contain soap, alcohol or any irritating substances. This cleansing foam meets all those requirements, and as for a pharmaceutical product, its price is also pretty cool.

  • Face elixir with witamin C, Stara Mydlarnia PL | ENG
  • Vitamin C is beneficial for both oily and with dilated capillaries skin, which sounds like a perfect remedy for me. Also great for mature skin, as it eliminates shallow wrinkles and slows signs of aging. Maybe fighting signs of aging is not my priority, however energized, lighten and strengthen skin are effects I look forward to seeing.

  • Velvet Matte Lipstick, Golden Rose
  • This product is available only in Poland, I'm afraid. Too bad, because it is sad to be a cheaper equivalent of NARS lip pen. And yes, matte, satin finish is something you can expect. Not to mention deep, long-lasting colour. That's what everybody says. I need to find out on my own ASAP!

  • Makeup brush H24, Hakuro
  • Not the cheapest makeup brush ever, but if it's true that one can serve perfectly well for years and, in addition, is very user-friendly, it looks like a perfect choice for me. Besides, I feel like using my old powder brush (that was an addition to a powder) or simply my fingers isn't the most perfect method to put on my blush (forgive me, beauty bloggers!).

  • Lasting Perfection Consealer, Collection
  • It's supposed to be super long-lasting and miraculous when it comes to covering imperfections. Kind of a budget-friendly MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Something good under my eyes or for red troubles on my face is what I'm seeking for. Will my problem be solved?

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    2 komentarze on "Beauty list #1"
    1. good quality cosmetics don't have to be expensive - for example many of Ziaja products are budget-friendly, but are very effective - like their line with coccoa butter

    2. Indeed, I like their body or hair products. However, for my face care, I usually find them too iritating.