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Running sandals.

Running to the bus stop is almost my morning ritual and after 1328th attempt to wake up a bit earlier so as to e.g. wear heels (running in heels is not an option in my case) I know that for everyday purpose I need flats or low heels. And when it comes to shoes, I like them to be comfortable and of a good quality. That, combined with my love for clean cuts and simple design didn't make it easy to find proper summer shoes at an affordable price. But I must hesitantly admit I found perfect pair. Hesitantly, because I haven't ordered them yet, but once I had Geox wedges and they were super foot-friendly. Moreover, my perfect pair is on sale now!

Sandals, Geox

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Stripes everywhere.

The stripemania is in the air. Perhaps, it has something to do with the French chic glorification over  the web (well, I'm also a fan!). I' mean, I light on je ne sais quoi sentence in almost every single article or post I read (or it's just me selecting only articles with Parisienne in title...). Stripes are a must when it comes to a French (perfect?) wardrobe. I know, blue and black heels aren't most typical French staple, but word basic on the label convinced me 100%. So I'm officially in love with those striped Zara heels!
Heels: Zara

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