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It's not a surprise that upcoming summer naturally turns us to white. I am really into this colour as it's so classy and chic. I love it on the photos, I love it on others, but anytime I decide to wear a white garment I feel like my enseble is too striking and usually go for something... less striking (yep, I do have a talent for writing), which is a pity, I know. That's why I'm fighting this BAD habit! I even wore white trousers today (there's also white dress and a skirt queuing for a year..., I'm a fighter!). So, to bring my teraphy on, I decidet to make this post and gather all the white beauties from around the Internet in one place. Shall we begin?

Charlie May 1 | 2 

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2 komentarze on "White."
  1. I love love love all white outfits!

    Let me know if you would like to keep in touch and follow one another.

    Ryli :)

  2. It looks adorable. I am in love with white in the summer. Now I have also white nails.