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Chain store chic.

I've been telling I'm such a terrible snob sooo many times that (for a change) I selected some clothes that are more budged-friendy and equally chic (I hope) as those infernally expensive garments. Anything I love (neutral colours, clean cuts, leopard prints, leather skirts, blue shirts, bla bla...) you'll find below. Perhaps chain stores doesn't always provide the best quality, however small selection isn't their drawback.

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white and leather.

leather skirt.

white shirt.

pink shirt.

stripped t-shirt.

denim shirt.

denim skirt.

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3 komentarze on "Chain store chic."
  1. Great stuff you've selected ! Those black sandals from H&M (are they sandals?:P) could be an interesting option for blue jeans as well.

  2. Thanks! Sandals, I guess.. :)