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Leather skirts.

For me perfect equals classic and simple. Not a surprise that while looking for a perfect (and this time -previous here- affordable) leather skirt straight cuts and austere detailing (only symmetric zippers allowed!) were main determinants. It also couldn't be too short (possibility of showing a piece of my underwear steps f a r away of my comfort zone). So I hope I found some go-to leather skirts for any what to wear crisis. I'm not sure which one I would decide to buy. All? Hmm, maybe some of them are too short... But H&M real lether skirt looks like a perfect choice. Agreed. I want it!

H&M (faux leather) | H&M (real leather)

Topshop | Topshop

Asos | Mango

Asos | Halogen via Nordstrom

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2 komentarze on "Leather skirts."
  1. Tak trudno jest mi znaleźć perfekcyjną skórzaną spódnicę.. Ale będę szukać dalej, bo strasznie podobają mi się takie zestawienia :))