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Leather skirts.

For me perfect equals classic and simple. Not a surprise that while looking for a perfect (and this time -previous here- affordable) leather skirt straight cuts and austere detailing (only symmetric zippers allowed!) were main determinants. It also couldn't be too short (possibility of showing a piece of my underwear steps f a r away of my comfort zone). So I hope I found some go-to leather skirts for any what to wear crisis. I'm not sure which one I would decide to buy. All? Hmm, maybe some of them are too short... But H&M real lether skirt looks like a perfect choice. Agreed. I want it!

H&M (faux leather) | H&M (real leather)

Leather skirt.

I've got this annoying habit. When I work at the computer (well, I generally work only at the computer), every fifteen minutes I browse the Web looking for unspecified "fashion" objects that somehow manage to make me strangely happy and motivated (studying on Friday evening must equals money, sometime). Of course those unexpected and unwanted breaks doesn't help me approach my objects of desire, but at least I am... motivated. Gosh, what do I do about it?!

But why am I writing this? Well, I found this oh-so gorgeous leather skirt I need to share. I actually got crazy about leather skirts lately and I've got a new aim - find perfect affordable one. So you can expect all-about-leather-skirt post soon. :)

Acne Studios leather skirt (or here)

Brown leather jacket.

When I thought of dreamy leather jacket, one thing was sure - it had to be black. But as Givenchy platonic fun, I had to change my world view. Just look at this beauty. Sorry to say that (and sorry for being snob) I don't think any chain store version would replace this one, however they have quite noteworthy imitations.

And after looong, exhausting hours of thinking, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't decide to buy brown leather jacket (unless it's Givenchy one) if I don't even have black version.

Jacket: Givenchy via

Perfect sunglasses

Spring has officially begun so it's HIGH time to start looking for perfect sunglasses. I did my research and selected some more and less affordable pairs that I'm sure would feel good at my place (I'd also feel good having them). As I previously said, I am SO MUCH for simple, soft, neutral, restrained and so on, outfits with some statement (yet not so striking) additions. So some fancy sunnies are my must have items (it doesn't matter that somehow I'm more willing to try them on just at my house).

Jako że wiosna już oficjalnie się rozpoczęła, uważam, że już NAJWYŻSZY czas, aby rozpocząć poszukiwania idealnych okularów. Nader ochoczo przeglądałam więc internetowe sklepy w poszukiwaniu okularów w mniej lub bardziej przystępnych cenach. Jak już wcześniej wspominałam, uwielbiam proste stylizacje, w stonowanych kolorach z jednym (ewentualnie w wersji "na bogato" dwoma) umiarkowanie "szalonymi" dodatkami. Dlatego więc (znowu) umiarkowanie szpanerski okulary są na mojej liście niezbędników.