Basics. Must-have list


Looking for quality basics isn't such an easy task as one could think. For someone who buys clothes generally on sales it's almost mission impossible. So when it comes to basics I had to accept the ugly truth, that I need to pay a regular price. It's difficult and against my nature but in most cases worth it.

Although few years ago, shopping for basics was like spending money on something boring, useless and a waste of money (who was that person?!), now that I'm old (22) and wise I know that clothes that are simple and classic are the best investment if you want to have an ideal (well, that's an utopia, almost ideal) wardrobe.

I've listed some of my must-have garments, which I hope would be quite useful for me in bringing my wardrobe to perfection, and hopefully to those ten people (optimistic prediction) who decide to read this post. Ok, let's begin.

  • Perfect t-shirt
  • T-shirt with no print or deep messages are in the minority. And when you're looking for one with sleeve longer than 1 inch and of a good quality, you have to be prepared that limit (my limit) of 20 zlotys for a t-shirt (about $7) have to be exceeded. White, grey, black and striped t-shirts are a must.

    white cos | striped cos | black apparel | white apparel | grey monki

    white | black | grey

  • White shirt
  • With no unnecessary embellishments, simple, plain, masculine-like - my absolute favourite. It can go with almost anything and is perfect not only for the exam or job interview. Worn casually with sweatshirt or leather jacket - best combo ever!

    zara | zara
  • Pointy black heels
  • Perfect for some special occasions as well as a great addition to casual outfit. Just imagine wearing with boyfriend jeans and e.g. white shirt - my imagination is singing while picturing that view.

    Christian Louboutin | Gianvito Rossi | Zara | Mango
  • Leather jacket 
  • So versatile and timeless piece of cloth that undoubtedly is a must. Both distinguished and nonchalant. Can add a twist to any stylization. Gosh, I've been dreaming about having one on my own for ages!

    Zara | Mango | IRO | Givenchy

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