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Gianvito Rossi

Yesterday I bought another two pairs of shoes and I start to wonder whether I'm already a shopaholic or I'll become one after another sales time. On this occasion I decided (as a detoxification or punishment (highly emotionally charged word!)) to write about shoes I cannot afford and (un)fortunately cannot buy (I guess the fact I'm aware of it makes me quite a right-minded person).

Shoes designed by Gianvito Rossi should be appealing to any shoe lover. This Italian designer (son of famous Sergio Rossi) gracefully manages to combine classic and modern elements, adeptly play with geometric patterns and creates works that are feminine, elegant and simply flawless (that even Gwyneth Paltrow HERSELF love them).

How do you like them?

1. Spotted Pointed High Heels | 2. Classic Pumps | 3. Leopard-print calf hair and PVC pumps | 4. Contrasting Suede and Mesh High Heels | 5. Sandals | 6. Metallic Leather Pumps

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