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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Let me get this straight - I'm not a romantic (I barely manage to write this word, no way I'm saying it out loud) type of person, so writing such a title of post was quite uncomfortable. I'm posting the song just because I got used to this medical drama to such an extend, that I must see upcoming episode (27 Feb!!). Those of you who follow Grey's Anatomy know what I mean.

Fine, I'm in love with the serial and this song cover and I can't wait to see the next episode!  Anyone else counting down the seconds? :)

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What a beautiful chair

Whether it's fashion or interior decoration I love the eclectic (like this fancy word!) approach. I admire the combination of elements that seemingly does not match at all but artfully combined gives wonderfully harmonious and interesting results. This time I'm namely writing about mixing different chairs at the table. I totally understand owners of such sets in the kitchen/dining room. Having to choose between so many beautiful pieces of furniture, I don't think I'd be able to select only one type or colour.

Well, it's not easy to obtain such nonchalant, magnetic, bohemian effect as presented in the photos below. Of course having unlimited budget, it is by far easier to achieve, however, with the help of chain stores it is possible! I know my mum would never accept that idea in her house. And what do you think?

Lace up heels

I really really like shoes. It's not an extraordinary confession, as I am a girl, but I need an intro to write about lace up heels. This trend has been present for a few seansons already, but for me it's not out of date. I don't have such beauties in my closet, (so it's not complete, by the way - can it ever be complite?), but I've prepared a few pairs I found most attractive. Some of them are quite affordable, others I can only admire online. Such heels would add a twist to any stylization and make an alluring, nonchalant look paired with almost anything. However, I'd love to wear them with something simple, so as not to stick out a mile. How do you like them?

Bardzo, bardzo lubię buty. Tak. Po tym niezwykle wymyślnym wstępie mogę przejść do rzeczy. Konkretnie chciałam napisać o sznurowanych butach na obcasie, bo za takimi aktualnie szaleje. Nie mam jeszcze tego typu obuwia w swojej szafie, więc garderoba moja nie jest kompletna (niestety wykrywam w niej dużo więcej braków - czy w ogóle kiedykolwiek szafa może być kompletna?). Moim zdaniem buty to kluczowa część stylizacji, a te każdy strój uczynią niezwykłym (to miało zabrzmieć patetycznie). Zebrałam więc kilka par wiązanych sandałów, które szczególnie mi się podobają - jedne w cenach do przełknięcia, inne mogę tylko podziwiać na obrazkach. A co wy o nich sądzicie?

lace up heels.

And in the pictures.
Na tych zdjęciach prezentują się jeszcze lepiej.

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Delpozo Fall/Winter 2014

Spanish fashion brand Delpozo has presented their projects for the third time at recently ended NYFW. Their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, like the previous ones I saw (sadly, online only), are true works of art, made with attention to every single detail. Amazing cuts, geometrics, embroideries and appliqués take us to the fairy-tale world of pure delicacy and sensuality. Undoubtedly Delpozo's projects delight and mesmerise! I'm sure any little and little bigger girl would love to own something from this collection, am I right?
Kolekcja jesień/zima 2014 hiszpańskiej marki Delpozo, podobnie jak ich wcześniejsze projekty, to prawdziwe dzieła sztuki, wykonane z dbałością o każdy detal. Niezwykłe kroje, szlachetne materiały, geometryczne wzory i wspaniałe zdobienia sprawiają, że kreacje przenoszą w bajkowy klimat i sprawiają, że zarówno małe i większe dziewczynki bez większych problemów zakochają się w nich od pierwszego wejrzenia. Projekty Delpozo to, coraz rzadziej dzisiaj spotykana, delikatność i zmysłowość, która oczarowuje i zachwyca! 

Here are some of my favourite looks from the show:

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Gianvito Rossi

Yesterday I bought another two pairs of shoes and I start to wonder whether I'm already a shopaholic or I'll become one after another sales time. On this occasion I decided (as a detoxification or punishment (highly emotionally charged word!)) to write about shoes I cannot afford and (un)fortunately cannot buy (I guess the fact I'm aware of it makes me quite a right-minded person).

Shoes designed by Gianvito Rossi should be appealing to any shoe lover. This Italian designer (son of famous Sergio Rossi) gracefully manages to combine classic and modern elements, adeptly play with geometric patterns and creates works that are feminine, elegant and simply flawless (that even Gwyneth Paltrow HERSELF love them).

How do you like them?

1. Spotted Pointed High Heels | 2. Classic Pumps | 3. Leopard-print calf hair and PVC pumps | 4. Contrasting Suede and Mesh High Heels | 5. Sandals | 6. Metallic Leather Pumps

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Jeans are one of the most versatile and I guess most often (perhaps even too often) worn garment. If I have no clue what to wear, it's highly probable that jeans and shirt, alternatively plus sweatshirt/jacket, would be my choice. Not a sophisticated option, but comfortable and secure - sometimes much better one than overdone outfit. Since I'm no longer a high-school student (old me) skinny jeans and jeggins are not my favourite types - boyfriend and straight are obviously more comfortable and for me more hmm.. stylish. Doesn't the picture belove prove I'm right?

Photo: Pinterest

Have a look at some pairs I've chosen.


jeans przez charlieandfog z wykorzystaniem Pepe Jeans London

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Preen Pre-Fall 2014

I should definitely stop falling in love so often. Just tell me how I'm supposed to achieve that, when I see such photos. Sheer, romantic midi or monumental maxi dresses next to masculine bombers and wool suits - perfect collection for any glamourous tomboy. I'm not saying I am one but I know that those pieces just melt my heart.

Enough compliments or I start crying, going to watch a movie.

Photos source: Vogue

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Just Can't Get Enough

Who doesn't love studying at Saturday night. I REALLY do. I mean it. Even now, while I am taking a really really short break I can't stop thinking about how much I love my school. And exams. Thank God I'm workaholic (no, I do NOT have a problem with putting things off) and I just can't get enough!

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