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I fell in love. Some time ago. I couldn't do anything about that. But those colours... I mean, just look at this painting. "Puzzled" by Patricia Derks reminds me of Twiggy and I'm sure it would be a perfect match for my imaginary future house. I can see with eyes of my imagination - white walls, fair wooden floor and sofa (colour isn't fixed yet) and this painting on the wall of course. A girl can dream.

An original work of art was already sold out. It would be a bit (only a little bit) naive to think that it would wait at least 10 years for me to start earning some real money. I know, such a sad story.. But prints are still available!

For now, I'm going to stare at this work of art on my screen for a while (i.e. hour or two).

Painting: "Puzzled" by Patricia Derks,

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