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Clover Canyon Pre-Fall 2014

After Dolce and Gabbana's Fall/Winter 2013/14 Byzantine splendour looks like it's time for Ancient Greek by Clover Canyon. The latter, not dripping with gold is less bold version of fashion's flirt with history. Ancient art in collaboration with modern design gives noteworthy results. My restrained taste forces me to choose a softer Greek option. However, it does not mean it's austere one. Antique harmony and proportion is visible in cut rather than colours and patterns which were substantially modernized (some sculptures look like taken straight from the comic books). In this way we have interesting, eye-catching clothes not only for history enthusiasts! And I can't take my eyes off this first dress and that jacket in the second photo and... Oh, that would be a long list.

Clover Canyon's Pre-Fall 2014 Collection, straight off the runway, available (theoretically for everyone) on Moda Operandi.

Photos: Moda Operandi.

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