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I haven't mentioned that yet - I am almost 22. It's quite important information in face of confession I'm going to make. I also wish to mention that I'm well-behaved girl, serious and responsible (for a student), I generally wear soft, dark clothes and don't have a dinnerware whit cat motif (not that I'm making excuses).

I love pink. I literally go mad when I see something pink, whatever it is. My eyes instantly go towards pink things: I want to have a flower (although I don't have good relations with plants) because it's sold in pink pot, I want to buy trainers, because they have pink shoestrings, I start saving money for coffee table that isn't even available in my country and I definitely have no room for another furniture in my apartment. I am also a happy owner of beautiful PINK <3 rug, toothbrush, mouse, diary, pencil case. It's not going to be the end of my illicit love affair with pink.

I know this information is not worth spreading, but I had to get it off my chest. I feel soooo much better now! Maybe some of you have the same obsession?

Below, I present some of my pink faves.

Looks better in the photos:

 pink SMEG

 pink SMEG

Coffee table  I mentioned:

You can see the same or similar here:

 pink coffee table

 pink coffee table


pink cushion amara

pink cushion nordstorm  pink cushion nordstorm

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