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Hello world!

I suppose it would be polite if I gave a few reasons why I started blogging. I swear, I had at least thousands for starting writing, but now I somehow don't remember most of them.

Focus! Ok. I'm a girl and I love beautiful things (well, this is preserve of all human beings, however girls are somehow more willing to talk about them) and I currently get obsessed about stuff. Also, I have this strong, irrational will to write, although I am aware of the fact that it's going to be graphomania (hopefully harmless to the society). I guess these are the main reasons (or at least the ones I remember).

I have a shy hope that some of you would like to share my obsessions, read inconsequential reflections - simply call by to waist some time with me, as I would like this site to be my escape from reality.

Just to give you an idea of what I consider beautiful, I leave you with Birdy and her single Wings from her second album Fire Within, which was released few months ago. I fell in love with her first album that featured only covers (so that I found a few new bands to listen), that's why I waited eagerly for her own compositions. Ladies and gentlemen: Birdy!

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