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Taylor Tomasi Hill

Taylor Tomasi Hill is a former Moda Operandi Creative Director, Marie Claire Accessories Editor and Teen Vogue alum. Graduate in Industrial Design at Pratt Institute. Those of you who eagerly search web for fashion pics perhaps know this crimson-haired street style star.

What I like the most about her style is that she doesn't hesitate to mix feminine pieces with edgy elements, surprise with unexpected matches and delight with sense of style. I love her chunky necklaces, cat eye glasses and fancy shoes.

I selected some of my favourite stylizations, although I could put here each I found (I know, sounds only a bit snobby). Pictures speaks for themselves! More street style photos you can find here.

Taylor Tomasi Hill to niewątpliwie kobieta sukcesu. Do niedawna dyrektor kreatywny Moda Operandi, pracowała również dla Teen Vogue, czy Marie Claire. Ci z was, którzy mają tendencję do spędzania każdej wolnej chwili na przeglądaniu portalu Pinterest, czy internetowych galerii magazynów modowych zapewne znają tę rudowłosą gwiazdę stylu z ulicy ("uliczny" kojarzy mi się raczej pejoratywnie, wersje angielska tego wyrażenia brzmi ładniej). 

Zachwyca mnie jej poczucie stylu, umiejętność łączenia elementów, które pozornie do siebie nie pasują i stylizaje, które w swej ekstrawagancji są jednak zbalansowane.

Wybrałam kilka stylizacji, które spodobały mi się najbardziej (czyli prawie wszystkie, które znalazłam - wiem, brzmi "trochę" snobistycznie). Jeszcze więcej (sic!) zdjęć możecie znaleźć tutaj.

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I haven't mentioned that yet - I am almost 22. It's quite important information in face of confession I'm going to make. I also wish to mention that I'm well-behaved girl, serious and responsible (for a student), I generally wear soft, dark clothes and don't have a dinnerware whit cat motif (not that I'm making excuses).

I love pink. I literally go mad when I see something pink, whatever it is. My eyes instantly go towards pink things: I want to have a flower (although I don't have good relations with plants) because it's sold in pink pot, I want to buy trainers, because they have pink shoestrings, I start saving money for coffee table that isn't even available in my country and I definitely have no room for another furniture in my apartment. I am also a happy owner of beautiful PINK <3 rug, toothbrush, mouse, diary, pencil case. It's not going to be the end of my illicit love affair with pink.

I know this information is not worth spreading, but I had to get it off my chest. I feel soooo much better now! Maybe some of you have the same obsession?

Below, I present some of my pink faves.

Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor is a young rising star of fashion industry. Once I saw her spring/summer 2014 collection I was "unconditionally and irrevocably" in love with and, what's worse, I couldn't get rid of the thought that there's no sign I'd be able to afford any of those clothes soon. For now I can only sob. Or maybe I go back to work, hoping it brings me better money (for clothes) in future (are there any other reasons for studying?). I haven't decided yet.

This collection is girlish and feminine, colourful and elegant at the same time, bright, fresh and glamorous. Vibrant colours and bold patterns have nothing to do with splendour in this case - terms sophisticated, enchanting and uplifting reflects character of the collection far better. And when I look at the details... Bags! Jewellery!! Or Shoes!!! I've already decided - I'm sobbing.

Anyway, look and enjoy!
source: Moda Operandi

Tanya Taylor SS '14

 Tanya Taylor SS14

Hello world!

I suppose it would be polite if I gave a few reasons why I started blogging. I swear, I had at least thousands for starting writing, but now I somehow don't remember most of them.

Focus! Ok. I'm a girl and I love beautiful things (well, this is preserve of all human beings, however girls are somehow more willing to talk about them) and I currently get obsessed about stuff. Also, I have this strong, irrational will to write, although I am aware of the fact that it's going to be graphomania (hopefully harmless to the society). I guess these are the main reasons (or at least the ones I remember).

I have a shy hope that some of you would like to share my obsessions, read inconsequential reflections - simply call by to waist some time with me, as I would like this site to be my escape from reality.

Just to give you an idea of what I consider beautiful, I leave you with Birdy and her single Wings from her second album Fire Within, which was released few months ago. I fell in love with her first album that featured only covers (so that I found a few new bands to listen), that's why I waited eagerly for her own compositions. Ladies and gentlemen: Birdy!