Winter essentials

I'm so systematic in writing that I've smoothly gone from a post about autumn favourites to winter essentials. Not something to be proud of, but studying for two degrees simultaneously and writing a thesis turned out to be pretty time consuming (who would have thought, eh?). Anyways, winter is just another awesome season for a fashion freak. Furs, overknee, preferably suede boots or turtlenecks, just to name a few, are the reasons why I love winter. Especially the kind of winter we have right now in Poland - no snow and not so frosty temperatures. Sorry, snowman lovers - but I'd rather have my suede shoes clean.

For such a great winter conditions, here is my dreamy set consisting of a few of winter essentials. First one is this crazy, bohemian fur from Mango - unquestioned protagonist of the look. Big love, only platonic. Unfortunately, I find myself looking ridiculous wearing it - too short legs, too many kilos. But if you happen to be a long-legged slender gal - go for it! (No worries, I have a classic version in my wardrobe). Then, there are overknee boots - major crush for the second winter in a row - you gotta admit they're beyond beautiful (it's #shoeaholic talking)! Turtleneck - ain't no winter without one for me. Bucket bag and a skater skirt are also self-explanatory elements for all sartorially savvy women out there!

And what are your winter essentials?

Winter essentials

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Feel like wearing... #2

Autumn is here! For quite some time now... That means pumpkin time, sweater weather and actually living in a leather jacket (yeeey!). Add brisk mornings and colorful leaves and you get the best season out there! Besides, 70s vibes are still going strong, so flared jeans, denim skirts, boho maxi dresses or simply all things suede are more than welcome. Yes, I'm super excited about this and (guilty) I've already bought flared black jeans that surprisingly suit my short legs (hallelujah!). Have you already incorporated any of 70s trend elements?

Leather jacket: Rebecca Minkoff | flared jeans: Stella Mccartney | stripped t-shirt: Yoins | suede tote: Jil Sander | ankle boots: Saint Laurent

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Summer eyes

Hello everyone! I've been neglecting this site for so long that I guess any excuses about exams, renovation of the apartment, holidays laziness or upcoming internship won't work. So please trust me, I'm really sorry for my absence and let's move on to the actual post, before it's outdated, shall we?

Last weeks, weather-wise, brings nothing but merciless, blazing heat. Thus, putting a full make-up on is quite risky. However, a few products that reflect the light and make the face nice and healthy make me look and feel better, despite the weather difficulties. So let's talk about summer-ready face. Eyes today.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 35 in On and on Bronze, Max Factor Excess Shimmer 25 in Bronze, summer eyes makeup

When it comes to my summer eyes make-up, it's a pure minimalism. My must-have product is a Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze. Beautiful bronzey shade with golden undertones. I literally use a thin layer of it everyday just as a wash of colour, but this one can be easily built up. Easy breezy, foolproof and it gives that glowy, brightened and summer-ready eye look within seconds. Love it. The formula is creamy but solid, which makes this product extremely difficult to finish. Not that I complain about it. Not at all. No surprise then, that I'll definitely repurchase one. And one more thing. It does set, however, with my super-oily, hooded eyelids I need a base.

To make things look a bit more dramatic (read: for a night out), I like to add a hint of Max Factor Excess Shimmer on top. My shade is Bronze which is actually a metallic bronze with a copper tone to it. This one is more of a gel texture, so naturally less efficient, but I don't use it everyday. Not so foolproof as the previous eyeshadow. I'm definitely not a pro, so at first I had some problems with this one. And as in case of Color Tatto fingers are just fine to apply it, Excess Shimmer requires a brush. Otherwise, when patted in with fingers, it just disappears and building up the intensity is a nightmare. However, applied generously with a brush, it does the job. Not sure whether I'd repurchase this one, because I find it a bit difficult to work with, but I really like the effect it gives. This one also sets, but is not so long-lasting as the previous one.

Maybelline color tattoo 35 on and on bronze, Max Factor excess shimmer 25 in Bronze, Max Factor 2000 Calorie, summer eyes makeup

The last thing, is just putting my mascara on - but not every time, to be honest. The one I use - Max Factor 2000 Calorie, looks super natural. Nicely separate and define lashes. Nothing striking or dramatic - just a little bit of something to make my lashes look like mine but better. It holds the curl and stays all day, unless I rub my eyes. Moreover, my Garnier Micellar Water has no problems with taking it off in the evening. So if you're after very delicate, natural effect, which is what I seek for, you can give this one a go.

That's all for now. As you can see, it's all very basic and super fast, but somehow I haven't got bored so far. Other summer cosmetics I use soon on the blog!

Color Tattoo 35 On and on Bronze, Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Bronze, swatches
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Retro sandals.

I'm afraid such 20s inspired strappy sandals are not something my wardrobe urgently need right now. A good pair of black, classic ones with stable heel and of a good quality is something I should look for. But gosh! How?! Can you see those not-so-practical beauties I gathered below? Whether black or gold, metallic, suede or plain leather - I love them all. How gracefully they beautify feet. So if you happen to have basic shoes for the spring/summer season and looking for some extra touch to instantly refresh your wardrobe, here is what you should consider, if you ask me. :)

1. Georgia Rose via Sarenza | 2. Zara | 3. Jonak via Sarenza | 4. Buffalo via Zalando

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